Coromandel specializes in bed and table linens, art-as-apparel, estate brass and wood accessories for the home, antique jewelry and textiles. We are engaged in supporting the revival of Kalamkari, the centuries-old tradition of block printing. We carry the widest range of Kalamkari linens and apparel outside India. Coromandel developed out of an interest in women-owned textile workshops in rural and urban India. By operating a shop ifor nine years in Cambridge, Massachusetts, owner Niti Seth has built a strong relationship with women artisans in small towns and villages in India. Coromandel is now available as on online store:

The owner visits the studios and workshops from whereshe buys the goods and cares about ensuring non-exploitative work environments for indigenous workers. She does not buy from wholesalers; hence her goods are unique and affordable. Coromandel also carries the work of contemporary designers who use traditional techniques from Jaipur, Gujarat, Delhi, Bombay and Madras. These women artisans work in small quantities and their apparel and linens are unique works of art.

This is what some others say about Coromandel:

"Exactly when ethnic accessories seemed to be in vogue, along comes a store selling richly patterned Indian textiles."
Marianne Rohrlich, The New York Times, Oct 10, 2002

"Classy vests and tunics are made merry with silk brocade scarves in autumnal golds. Refulgent, brightly colored fabrics are also seen here on tempting silk pillows and ornately embroidered decorative cloths....Think of the art nouveau patterns in the Paris metro and you've got some of the feeling."
Mopsy Strange Kennedy, The Improper Bostonian

"Every item in the store from a place mat and napkin set to tablecloths and cotton quilts is not only a functional home furnishing but also a work of art."
Hotlines Boston Globe Magazine

"The quality of the fabric is so rare and fine your hands will swoon with the delight of their feel, never mind how the skin on the rest of you will react. This is the unusual, one-of-a-kind clothing that, when worn, makes you feel special....Everything here is an original."
The Cambridge Current

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